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APN 201

About the project

Using his own savings APN201 wants to show that you can make art without grants.
As long as you have brain that is producing ideas you can do anything.
This page is a collection of pictures, videos and text. Describing the art work and the process around it.


New Emission Trade Model

Uncategorised Posted on Fri, September 27, 2019 11:43:21
New EMission trade model

This might be a stupid question, but why do we not make it profitable to own and grow forests? The people in Brazil do not burn down the forest for no reason – it is because for them the only way to earn from owning that land is to use it for farming or agriculture.

In Afghanistan etc. for many land owners the way to get their living is to grow poppies for opium production.

When everyone is so concerned about the growing CO2 levels, why do we not make it more profitable to grow, own and maintain forest without the intention to cut it down and sell the wood? Growing opium poppies might be better business than growing trees, but at least we should offer the land owners the opportunity to do the right thing.

Failed reproduction

ART? Posted on Mon, August 19, 2019 21:27:52

Office art

ART? Posted on Fri, March 22, 2019 21:37:44

Some stuff I created for an office.


ART? Posted on Mon, March 18, 2019 21:59:21

Pluto’s Realm

ART? Posted on Mon, March 18, 2019 21:57:31

Easter is coming

ART? Posted on Thu, March 07, 2019 06:44:05

Prototyping some Easter eggs. Not fully happy with results, but I might still make a video about the process. What do you think?


ART? Posted on Mon, February 11, 2019 22:57:15

I’m sometimes lazy to update my work to all Internet channels. Now some new stuff exclusively in Pinterest. Check it out!

Toy Fox

ART? Posted on Wed, December 19, 2018 21:30:57

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