I create many projects under the motto “Try everything.” While I mostly produce art under my moniker APN201, I sometimes use different names for special projects. One such name is R-Tyny, a virtual artist. The works published under the R-Tyny name are experimental music pieces, heavily utilizing AI, Fiverr, or both.

Make no mistake, I still consider myself the artist behind these works. From a copyright perspective, a work or creation is something where the creator’s unique influence makes the work distinct and unreplicable without their contribution. Ghostwriters have always existed; Warhol, Koons, Michelangelo, etc., did not create all their works themselves. My main discipline is filmmaking, so to me, auteurism spreads across all art forms: you don’t need to do everything yourself, as long as you are the one making the decisions. In pop music, producers like Phil Spector are also called auteurs because their style is evident in their works. However, I believe it goes beyond that. R-Tyny songs all sound different, but none would exist without me.

Most of these R-Tyny works have been published on streaming platforms to make them easily accessible. You can find them on Spotify, YouTube, and Suno. My personal favorites are a couple of songs with lyrics created by my 2-year-old daughter.

P.S. The name R-Tyny refers to the Finnish word “√§rtynyt,” meaning irritated.