This might become too long article, but let’s see. Someone asked me to list all the different projects I have ever done. It’s impossible to list them, but we could go trough some highlights.

Radio Koskighetto

Somewhere back in 2001 I was living in a student flat in Kotka. Winamp was big thing and SHOUTHcast plugin allowed to host your own radio channel. I was running Radio Koskighetto from my room. Playing copyrighted music, running quiz shows and having visiting hosts. like Dj Feldis, Dr. Drunkster. There was strong interaction to the listeners via IRC channels and Messenger. Listeners could ask for songs etc. Not much survives, but the logo and some audio clips.

Koskighetto РImekää parsaa
Koskighetto 2 – Tradenomi
Dj Iso J – Kirkossa
Pertsa Calling
Radio Koskighetto
Dj Iso J
Phone call


Another project from 2001 was Kriisipuuro Christmas calendar. We decided to make a story about an Christmas elf and depict it in 24 photos published once a day until Christmas eve.

As usual, nothing was done beforehand. We went out every night taking the photos for next day. We had a crappy digital camera, which did not work well in winter temperatures. In the end nobody had the time and interest to shoot anymore.

Kriisipuuro Website
Day 1
Day 2
Day 3
Day 4
Day 5
Day 9
Day 10
Day 11
Day 13
Day 14
Day 15
Day 16
Day 17
Day 18
Day 19
Day 20
Day 21
Day 22
Day 23
Day 24

Design Challenge

Design Challenge was a robot building competition held in Wilhelmshaven Germany. Basically they sent a box full of raw materials: aluminium plates, plexiglss, beer bottles etc. to the teams and they had 2 weeks time to turn it into a radio-controlled robot, which can be used to perform a specific task, like assembling a simple airplane or putting out a candle in a model house. In the competition there were always 2 temas competing against each other in a tournament-style setup.

I participated in 2001 in team “Mc Helvetinperkele”. We ended up second because our drive belt jumped off in the final. In 2002 our team was colled “ToJuMi” and we were first. Our prize was a trip to Autostadt in Wolfsburg Germany. Stating in Ritz Carlton hotel etc. Very Nice.

Some info can be found in Internet Archive. Including an Excel -file about the results.

Our DC 2001 robot

Midnight party

Another big thing was the Midnight Party, which I organized together with my friends at my summer cottage. This became an annual tradition for many years. We had a power generator to feed the PA system for the bands. There were every year more than 20 visitors, multiple bands, a porn star etc. This was one of the events leading to founding of Liemi Ry.

Music performance
Outdoor stage
AI’s take on the power plant