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Juha Lilja Unveils “Sleep” Sequel: A Captivating Dive into Digital Wakefulness

In a bold exploration of our digital age, acclaimed filmmaker Juha Lilja returns with the highly anticipated sequel to his avant-garde masterpiece, “Sleep.” A decade after the groundbreaking original, Lilja’s “Sleep” (2023) takes audiences on an unprecedented 5-hour and 21-minute journey, challenging the pervasive influence of mobile phones in our lives.

Synopsis: “Sleep” (2023) marks a radical departure from its predecessor. Instead of the vulnerability of sleep, Lilja confronts the wakeful grip of modern technology. Armed with his mobile phone, he immerses himself for over 5 hours, disconnected from reality. Shot with a Canon EOS M, the unfiltered footage captures Lilja’s digital odyssey—no embellishments, no lights, just raw and thought-provoking reality.

Critique and Aesthetics of Cohabitation: In the spirit of Christopher Costabile’s master’s thesis, Lilja’s “Sleep” serves as both a critique and exemplar of the aesthetics of cohabitation. The unyielding gaze into Lilja’s digital world mirrors our collective obsession with mobile devices. It’s a cinematic reflection, devoid of external lights or effects, exposing the intimate dance between human consciousness and the omnipresent mobile phone.

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YouTube Premiere and Concept Art: Celebrating a decade of innovation, “Sleep” (2023) will premiere on Lilja’s YouTube channel APN 201 Movies on January 15th at 16:00 CET. Embracing the aesthetics of cohabitation, the film takes the form of concept art, aligning with Costabile’s thesis, ensuring its availability to the masses at their own homes. The film might later be screened at selected festivals, events, or galleries.

Availability: “Sleep” (2023) promises a YouTube debut, offering a global audience the chance to witness Lilja’s digital wakefulness. Subsequent screenings at festivals, events, or galleries will be announced in due course.

To understand the significance of the new film, it is useful to first learn about the previous one: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Sleep_(2013_film)

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About Juha Lilja: Juha Lilja is an award-winning filmmaker renowned for his avant-garde approach to cinema. With an illustrious career spanning decades, his films continue to provoke thought and redefine the boundaries of cinematic storytelling.

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