Some months ago YouTube removed my film Sleep from my other YouTube channel because of nudity. I was very upset for 2 reasons:
1. The video was picked up by the algorithm and was making thousands of views (and dozens of subscribers) every hour. When they deleted the video, all activity on the channel stopped. Almost like if I was shadow banned.
2. YouTube says nudity in context of art is allowed, so they think my video is not art.

I challenged the decision and even appealed, but no help. They said it’s deleted and I cannot ecen appeal anymore.

Meanwhile I learned that it was a subject of university master’s thesis in the University of south Florida. If I knew that earlier.. because it kinda proves it must be art. On other hand it has a page in Wikipedia and premiered in Rotterdam Film Festival and that did not convince them.

I noticed that X (Twitter) user TeamYoutube was very helpful in helping people to fix their channels, so I decided to try one more time.

These guys rock! To my amazement they answered and fixed it. Super!

Thank you TeamYouTube!