A Fun, Simple Arcade Game with a Purpose

Game Description:

Virus Shooter is a fun and simple arcade game. Slide the soap to move it. Tap to shoot soap bubbles. Hit viruses and collect power-ups. Simple, fun, and educational. Wash your hands!

From Corona Killer to Virus Shooter: A Journey

During the lockdown, like many others, I found myself with a lot of free time. To make the most of it, I decided to learn a new skill. I had never tried making a mobile game before, so I thought, why not give it a shot? I stumbled upon an aptly named SDK, Corona, and decided to dive in.

I followed a tutorial on creating an Asteroids-style shooter, but instead of asteroids, I decided to use assets and game logic that would resonate more with our current times. The result? A game where you control a soap bar, shooting soap bubbles at corona viruses. Players earn points by collecting toilet paper and gain extra lives with hand sanitizer.

The Original: Corona Killer

The game turned out better than I expected. Proud of my creation, I uploaded it to the Play Store. However, my excitement was short-lived. The game was banned due to a policy violation, and I was even threatened with the deletion of my account.

A New Beginning: Corolla Killer

Not one to give up, I made some changes. I altered the game’s name and a few assets, rebranding it as Corolla Killer. This version of the game was accepted, and it remained on Google Play, allowing players to enjoy it for free. It gained modest number of downloads. Surprisingly many from Iraq.

Finally, Virus Shooter is Here!

After all these years, I am thrilled to announce that Google has finally released the game in its original form, now named Virus Shooter. It is available on the Play Store, and I am excited to share this simple yet fun and educational game with all of you.

Play Virus Shooter here: Virus Shooter on Google Play

Enjoy the game, have fun, and remember to wash your hands!