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APN 201

About the project

Using his own savings APN201 wants to show that you can make art without grants.
As long as you have brain that is producing ideas you can do anything.
This page is a collection of pictures, videos and text. Describing the art work and the process around it.


Forever alone goes to NJ!

ART? Posted on Thu, January 26, 2017 23:22:49

Asbury Park, NJ, we meet again!
My film, Forever Alone has been selected to be screened at Brightside tavern short film fest 2017!

New film underway

ART? Posted on Fri, January 13, 2017 00:28:41

2017 will hopefully finally see the film, which I have been planning for some years. The work name is Nuclear Winter and it’s sci-fi. Cannot wait!


ART? Posted on Fri, January 13, 2017 00:24:58

I forgot it didn’t I? It was so hectic.. the 48-hour video challenge in May. anyway here is the product, enjoy! We “Ed Wooded” the scenes, but I’m very pleased in the way how we could source global locations and do the makeup of 2 year -transformation – all within 48 hours (as well as script, cast, shooting, music, editing etc.) Thanks team!

We go to LA baby!

ART? Posted on Wed, October 26, 2016 15:17:30

My movie, Forever alone is part of official selection for Experimental forum in Los Angeles! smiley

New material exclusive

ART? Posted on Sun, October 02, 2016 15:56:01

Exclusively in APN blog, some footage that I filmed and might use in future projects.

Brothers part of official selection at Blow-Up 2016

ART? Posted on Sun, October 02, 2016 15:23:13

My film, Brothers is part of the official selection of Blow-Up Arthouse Filmfestival in Chicago. Nominations will be revealed 10.-15.10.

Re-Organized Youtube chan

ART? Posted on Mon, September 19, 2016 22:28:12

I know, my Youtube channel is a mess. I made a new one, where you can more easily find my old, new and current projects. Hint: it includes some hidden gems.

Forever alone

ART? Posted on Mon, September 19, 2016 22:26:28

My newest film is partly inspired by the Internet meme and partly by my own earlier film, Brainwash – and some might find influences also from films of other directors.

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