I was planning to just post the video and write more later, but I need to send this post. I’m an artist goddammit! How cool is that. I had a vision and I made it come true.

I have great difficulties sometimes understanding what other people are thinking – if anything.

My colleague saw the video and first thing he said was “The shader is too small”. How the fuck it’s too small? This is my creation. This is how it is supposed to be. This is perfect.

Another person saw a photo of the lamp and asked: “Why did you do that? What are you going to do with that? You are not from a country that is in war. Will you make a print of that”

Why did I do that? What was she thinking? As a present to my mom? No – I did that because it’s fucking awesome!

The story tells that Vincent Van Gogh made more than 2100 art pieces but sold just one. Did they also ask him why did he create them? I wonder what was the answer.

I love this thing! I wil keep it in my livingroom with lights on 24/7. The picture is quite a cool thought.. maybe I should make a print out of that.