I just have finished the content for my second book: The most beautiful HAIKU with ugly illustrations. It’s now under a proofing process but will be published when everything is ready. Will be published in Amazon U.S. and Europe and wholesale/educational distribution channels globally. Adviced price in U.S $6.5 in UK £4 and euro-area €5.

Last year I published my first book and as usual – I’m not fully staisfied with it and since then have been planning something new. The haiku-form is perfect because it forces you to find the true esence of each though.

The poems are about frustration towards the modern society. How people hare outsourced their feelings to TV and have forgotten how to enjoy nature and pure feelings. This book should give people some hope that everything is not yet lost and that you can still find beauty in the most unusual places. “At first the poems and even words within them seem irrational, but after a while together with the illustrations it tells a story about struggle of finding love and beauty in cold modern-day world”

33 modern poems following the traditional haiku-structure. 34 hand-drawn illustrations to visualize each one of them. I have been thinking of these themes for years, but the actual writing process was pretty straight-forward.

“In your stunning eyes / Two moons and stars and ocean / Fish too tired to swim”