Westworld reference

I guess I’m not the only one impressed and confused on how the HBO TV-series, Westworld has drifted from wild west into Bladerunner. In the center of Season 3 is the AI-based prediction and decision making engine, Rehoboam. In the cut-scenes it’s function is depicted as a pulsating black circle on a white background. Real-life events disturb this harmonious wave. In the latest episode the image is also seen projected on a face of a watch – so why not to make your own?

My watch design

I have never worked with watch faces on smart watches, but it was incredible easy to learn the basics of Samsungs Galaxy Watch Designer. In no time I managed to build a basic watch face and transport it on to my own Galaxy Watch. Problems started when I tried to publish it in Galaxy store. It appears that Samsung got trouble from illegal use of copyrighted material, and they stopped accepting new watch face developers until August. Article here. So I thought I’ll be the only one who could enjoy this watch face.


Some Redditors hinted me to use an app called Facer. This has much less control for the accepted designs. Their tool is web-based and very easy to use, but it has limitations compared to Samsung tool – for example the max length of an animation sequence.

Try it yourself

You can download the Tizen4 binary from here, but I have no idea how you could install it on your watch.

Additionally you can find the Galaxy Watch Designer project file here.

The Facer version is a bit different, but based on same assets. You can find it here.