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APN 201

About the project

Using his own savings APN201 wants to show that you can make art without grants.
As long as you have brain that is producing ideas you can do anything.
This page is a collection of pictures, videos and text. Describing the art work and the process around it.



ART? Posted on Mon, October 27, 2014 23:31:29

Kickstarter: ANK!

ART? Posted on Tue, October 21, 2014 00:25:23

Finally my first Kickstarter-project has been launched!
Support the project and earn unique signed copy of this awesome card game!


Sekret Sub map

ART? Posted on Mon, October 20, 2014 22:56:49

I decided to help Swedish military with their sub hunt and made a small tool that shows the real-time location of the hiding sub.

Some new projects

ART? Posted on Mon, September 29, 2014 14:10:35

I’m never standing still.
I’m brewing ideas on a new movie project, as well as custom palying cards, more textile designs and some oilpaintings. Stay put.

Salad bowl lamp

ART? Posted on Wed, September 03, 2014 20:08:12

Another cool project. Spent weeks in planning and 2 minutes in execution.

APN201 goes textile

ART? Posted on Tue, July 22, 2014 13:22:27

I have submitted some of my designs to Spoonflower to make them available as fabrics. More projects are coming where I’ll actually use these fabrics to make clothing – that in turn can be used to make more art and photos/video. Meta-art is the deal. Yeah!

For now you are free to order a genuine piece of APN art design.

New movie released

ART? Posted on Thu, June 26, 2014 22:07:01

Movie about hope and despair. Mostly the latter.

Haiku-book now available in Amazon!

ART? Posted on Tue, June 10, 2014 09:37:54

Buy now!
Amazon EU:
Amazon US:
I would like to love
A wet cat looking for home
An empty diary

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